The Oriental Black And Brown Border Rug Cleaning Process

2.jpgYou want to have your fine Oriental black and brown border rug looking great for many years to come, to enjoy its beauty and intricate design. The key to your area rug looking its best is to properly care for it, insuring your enjoyment and pleasure for generations. Oriental area rug experts uniformly agree that the best and most appropriate method of cleaning an Oriental area rug is to hand wash it in water and without harsh chemicals. This simple, yet effective method of cleaning has been used for centuries. Although time consuming, it certainly is well worth the effort. The Admin of has said about How to Clean Oriental Rugs.

Oriental rugs are a common style of rug that originate from countries like Iran, China, and India. These rugs are known for their rich colors and unique designs and can be found in thousands of households across the world. Oriental rugs come in all shapes and varieties and are usually made from materials like wool or cotton, but can also be made from things like silk or synthetic material.
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Although regular vacuuming is important to the health of your Oriental rug, it does not take the place of professional cleaning. A true professional Oriental area rug cleaner will not take chances with your valuable and valued rug. He will not expose your lovely rug to harsh chemicals or machine washing. Such delicate work must be done by hand by an experienced, well trained and professional rug cleaner that knows the differences in rug fibers, dyes and methods of production. On the above article the admin of wikihow gave provide How to Clean Oriental Rugs.

Oriental rugs strictly speaking are made of wool and hand made through a painstaking process of hand weaving that is made to produce colorful, intricate and highly stylized designs. These can be hung or be strewn on the floor for utility and/or ornamentation. eHow Home & Garden Editor told us about How to Clean an Oriental Rug.

It’s imperative to have your oriental rugs cleaned, either professionally or by you, to preserve their quality, beauty and value. How often you clean your oriental rug depends on how dirty it is. To determine this, take your hand and powerfully rub the rug’s pile for about ten seconds. Your rug needs cleaning if your hand is covered in dirt.

When one thinks of oriental rugs people envision carpet like materials that are thicker in weave, and evoke Asian and Middle Eastern patterns. Oriental rug owners however envision highly priced ornaments that are expensive to clean but even more expensive to maintain. This is because the fabrics used are usually thick, natural, and soft, which means too little maintenance will not cut it but too much can ruin the weave and totally destroy the rug.

To avoid difficult oriental rug cleaning you have to keep your rug from getting too dirty. You can keep your rug clean more often by removing your shoes when entering the house or before stepping on your expensive rug. Walking barefoot or with socks only can prevent wear and tear from ruining your rug and prevent dirt and grime from getting into it. Rachel Yatuzis has given information on How to Clean an Oriental Rug.

Cleaning an oriental rug requires the use of a rug beater or wooden spoon, as well as a bucket of water and mild dish soap. Find out how to use a scrub brush to work dish soap into an oriental rug with help from a professional house cleaner in this free video on oriental rugs and housecleaning tips.

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