5×7 Black Border Rug Decoration Tips

1.jpgWhenever you are placing a room-sized rug on hardwood floors, you should choose a rug that allows eight inches of wood exposed around the rugs area. For your dining room, make sure that you measure your table’s top. Next, add four feet to the length and width to find the right size of your dining room’s decorative rug. This will facilitate the extra room for pulling out chairs from underneath the table. ABE ABBAS has given information on Tips for Decorating With Rugs.

Add a rug to a room that lacks excitement, and problem solved. While that alone is a good enough reason to decorate with a rug, there are many others just as compelling. You might even say it completes a room by tying all the different pieces together visually. A rug can anchor a room, define it, add warmth, and help layer a room’s decor.
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You can brighten up a small area such as your kitchen, bathroom, or foyer with a 5×7 black border rug. Use a rug pad underneath all rugs and will help keep your 5×7 black border rug in place. Rugs were from the bottom, not the top. This will help prevent slippage when standing on the rug as well. Using a rug bad will help keep your rug in great condition and allow it to last for many more years than expected. On the above article, ABE ABBAS gave provide tips for Decorating With Rugs.

Having a rug is a great way to bring color and energy to the home and can enhance your life. Using colorful rugs throughout your home can make your home a template for a positive frame of mind which is carried over into other areas, including life and work. The choices we make for our interiors relate to the kind of energy which is reflected in our lives.

Decorating Home With Rugs – When it comes for decoration, everybody wants to try new approaches. Well everyone can’t afford a complete interior change frequently. So far, one may use rugs to add interest in room. Simply, by placing a rug in center or as door mat will completely change the look. Usually, rugs provide an economical way for updating rooms. These can be placed in any corner of home, whether it is kitchen, bathroom or living room.
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There are certain types of rugs which work well with different personality types and different moods in the home. Sometimes in a house with lighter walls and carpet, a nice darker colored rug can make the energy of a home more balanced and easier to live in. Rugs can be used on hardwood floors with slip-resistant pads underneath them to prevent falls, and to prevent the floor from being scratched in heavy traffic areas. They work great in living areas as centerpieces and can bring a touch of balance to a bedroom.

Sometimes rugs can add an element of beauty to an otherwise boring interior. They come in many styles and varieties from patterned oriental rugs to floral or paisley patterns. Sometimes they are more abstract with larger shapes and patterns. The mood of your rug should correspond to the mood of your interior and the framework of your house’s existing design. ABID ILAHI has recommended about Oushak Rugs -7 Decorating Tips.

Interior Designer Eric Guenther co-founder of Whim Designs in San Juan Capistrano, CA. shares his 7 tips for decorating with Oushak rugs in an exclusive Asmara video (available below). Eric is a featured speaker at the Laguna Design Center and hosts monthly design lectures at his elegant southern California home.

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